Board for Professional Medical Conduct Revokes Physician's License, Accepts the Surrender of 5 Others

ALBANY, N.Y. (April 29, 2010 - The Board for Professional Medical Conduct revoked the license of one physician this month, accepted the surrender of five physicians' licenses, and reached agreement with another doctor to abstain from practicing medicine until an investigation is completed.

The Board revoked the medical license of John Anderson King, D.O., also known as Christopher W. Martin, D.O., effective April 1. Dr. Anderson, 51, is a non-board certified anesthesiologist who had practiced in the Birmingham, Ala., area before losing his medical license in Alabama. The Hearing Committee sustained the charge of the physician having been disciplined by the Alabama State Board of Medical Examiners based on unprofessional conduct: endangering the health of patients; gross or repeated malpractice or gross negligence, and being unable to practice medicine with reasonable skill and safety due to lack of basic medical knowledge or clinical competency. He had agreed on Jan. 28 not to practice medicine in New York until this investigation was completed by the Office of Professional Medical Conduct.

Romilla Anwar, M.D., 50, surrendered his New York medical license effective April 12. The New Jersey physician and others conspired to defraud health care benefit programs and to obtain money and property by submitting fraudulent insurance claims to insurance companies and other entities for medical services provided to persons purported to have been injured in automobile accidents. Dr. Anwar and his co-conspirator billed $3.6 million to more than 500 fake patients. Dr. Anwar was sentenced to 90 months imprisonment, supervised release for three years and ordered to forfeit his interest in property in the amount of $92,900.

Denis Schisano, M.D., 68, a New Jersey cardiologist, surrendered his New York medical license effective April 12, following the suspension of his license in his home state. The physician did not contest the charge of having been disciplined by the New Jersey State Board of Medical Examiners for misrepresentation in medical examinations and diagnostic testing and/or performance of unnecessary testing; failure to maintain accurate patient records; negligence and malpractice in performing examinations and diagnostic studies and billing for medical services not rendered.

John E. King, M.D., was subject to a 2006 Order of the Board for Professional Medical Conduct which issued a censure and reprimand and required him to comply with a South Carolina Board Order for violating patient boundaries. In addition, Dr. King was required to maintain active registration of his New York medical license, which he failed to do. Dr. King, 56, practices Internal Medicine in Myrtle Beach, S.C. He agreed to surrender his New York medical license effective April 12.

Philip B. Eatough, D.O., 64, an anesthesiologist, surrendered his New York medical license effective April 20 after being convicted in U.S. District Court of New Jersey of distribution and possession with the intent to distribute controlled substances and conspiracy to launder proceeds of illegal drug transactions. He had agreed on March 13, 2008, not to engage in the practice of medicine in New York State or in any other jurisdiction where the practice of medicine is predicated on his New York State medical license, pending the final disposition of the charges.

Jaroslav P. Stulc, M.D., 63, did not contest the charge of having been disciplined by the Maine State Board of Licensure based on fraud or deceit in obtaining a license, incompetence and unprofessional conduct. He surrendered his New York medical license effective April 21. The general surgeon admitted to the Board that he kept pornographic images on his computer and in the work environment after being confronted by hospital administration for the same behavior. Dr. Stulc is living in Mississippi.

Binod Singh, M.D., 41, practicing Internal Medicine in Bay Shore, Suffolk County, has agreed to not practice medicine until the completion of an investigation into his recent arrest for alleged criminal sale of controlled substances. Dr. Singh's no-practice agreement took effect April 16.