Community Health for New York State


  • 1996 Report, Community Health Indicators - New York State County Profiles

Building on Communities Working Together for a Healthier New York: Opportunities to Improve the Health of New Yorkers, this document provides a summary of key health indicators for each New York State county. Highlighting the priority areas of opportunity for improving community health, this report compares individual county statistics to those of New York State as a whole and provides a framework for communities to begin assessing and monitoring the health of their residents.

The importance of local level data in community planning is widely recognized. The Department of Health has embarked on several new initiatives that will assist communities in identifying local health issues, developing and implementing effective interventions and evaluating the success of these programs. It is our intent to provide each county with the information outlined in this report on an annual basis.

It is our hope that communities across the state will use this document to stimulate discussion on local health issues, to initiate action on those identified as community priorities and to work with us to achieve a healthier New York.

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