DOH Oral Health Programs in New York State

Innovative Dental Services Grant

The New York State Department of Health supports seven programs to test the effectiveness and feasibility of innovative interventions for addressing oral health problems. These include mobile and portable systems, fixed facilities and case management models. These programs use collaborative approaches to improve community-based health promotion and disease prevention programs as well as professional services to ensure continued progress in oral health. The grant supports:

  • Establishment or expansion of innovative service delivery models for providing primary preventive care and dental care to underserved populations in geographically isolated and health manpower shortage areas;
  • Development of case management models to address the needs of difficult to reach populations; and
  • Development of partnerships and local coalitions to support and sustain program activities.

In addition, the Department has established a center at the Rochester Primary Care Network (RPCN) for providing technical assistance to communities interested in developing innovative service delivery models and improve the quality of existing programs.