Provider Benefits

An immunization information system offers the following benefits to providers:

  • Provides record consolidation of immunization information from multiple providers into a single reliable record. This record can then be used to provide official immunization records for schools, day cares, and camp entry requirements.
  • Aids in managing immunizations so that children receive only the vaccines they need within the appropriate timeframes
  • Clarifies complex and changing immunization schedules and emerging vaccine combinations
  • Allows provider's offices with electronic medical systems to submit data without duplicate entry
  • Generates reminder and recall postcards and/or mailing labels to send out to parents to remind them when their child's immunizations are due or have been missed
  • Decreases time spent by office staff seeking immunization histories from previous providers
  • Generates timely immunization reports to assist with Vaccines for Children (VFC) reporting requirements and quality improvement initiatives
  • Assists in the preparing HEDIS and QARR reports

As a result of all these immediate benefits, providers will realize many long-term benefits such as a reduction in paperwork, staff time and costs associated with immunization related activities.

NYSIIS simplifies immunization record keeping, provides quicker access to immunization records, and helps you keep track of a patient's immunization status. If a parent calls for their child's immunization history, providing this record can be done with the touch of a button.