Home Fall Prevention, Teens Ages 15 to 19 Years

What are the most common causes of falls?

The most common causes of fall-related injuries for teens at this age are slipping, tripping, stumbling, and falls from one level to another (such as down stairs).

How can I help prevent my teen from falling down the stairs?

Keep stairs free from clutter. Teach your child not to leave his or her toys, sports equipment or clothes on the floor as they are possible tripping hazards.

How can I make my bathtub safer?

Place slip-resistant mats or stickers on the bottom of your bathtub and shower so it is not as slippery.

What are some other safety tips to prevent falls at home?

  • Teach your teen important home safety rules, like using handrails when walking up or down stairs and keeping his or her shoelaces tied.
  • Safety belts and straps should always be used when riding in cars.
  • Secure area rugs so your teen cannot trip on them.
  • Teens should wear footwear that fits properly and is slip-resistant, such as sneakers.

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