Bicycle Safety Toolkit

This Bicycle Safety Toolkit is provided as a guide for conducting your agency's bicycle safety program. The materials below may be used to increase community awareness and implement strategies for promoting bicycle safety.

Bicycle Safety

  • A sample news article with bicycle injury prevention tips that local health department staff can tailor to include county specific child bicycle data and contact information for their agency.

Public Health Practitioners' Fact Sheet

  • Data and other information describing the problem of bicycle-related injuries in New York State for Public Health Professionals

What Public Health Practitioners Can Do to Promote Bicycle Safety

  • A list of measures health practitioners can take when talking to parents and children about preventing bicycle-related injuries

Bicycle Injury Facts for Parents

  • Fact sheets that describe strategies for preventing bicycle-related injury, specifically head injuries and traumatic brain injuries

Simple Tips for Parents To Increase Helmet Use by Their Children

  • A list of measures parents can take to promote bicycle helmet use

Bicycle Helmet Fitting Guide (PDF)

  • Instructions and diagrams to illustrate proper helmet fit

Child's Coloring Activity Sheet (PDF)

  • A coloring sheet with helmet messages to encourage kids to wear their helmet

Bicycle Education and Training

  • Information about the importance of bicycle education and the various components of training curricula

Be a Roll Model on Wheels

  • Bicycle & Wheeled Recreation Safety Brochure (PDF)


  • A list of reputable websites that offer additional bicycle safety information.