Sample Letter to the Editor

Please note: This is a draft letter that you can edit to fit the details of your program and submit to the editor of your local newspapers, workplace or union newsletter or other publications. Most publications accept letters by e-mail. Check the letters to the editor section for an e-mail address and other tips.

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Dear Editor,

Falls are a leading cause of injury-related hospitalizations and emergency department visits for children ages 19 years and under in New York State. Each year, on average, there are more than 106,000 fall-related injuries among children ages 19 years and younger. Falls often occur at home, on playgrounds, and while playing sports.

Child supervision is the primary way to prevent fall-related injuries. Adults should supervise children at all times, while at home and out at play.

At home, children are at risk for falling off elevated surfaces (like beds and changing tables), down stairs, and out of windows. To reduce the risk of these types of falls, caregivers should install hardware-mounted safety gates at the top and bottom of every stairway, and install operable window guards on upper windows. Never leave an infant unattended on a changing table, bed, or other elevated surface.

On playgrounds, make sure that equipment is in good condition and that surfaces are covered with materials that will cushion them if they fall. Ensure that children wear the right protective gear and know the safety rules for their particular sport.

In response to the tragic number of childhood fall injuries, the (local agency/coalition) is conducting a Child Falls Prevention Campaign to promote safety measures to protect children from fall-related injuries. The campaign (briefly describe the program).

For more information about preventing child falls, contact (name of agency and contact information).


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