7. Home Fire Sprinklers Quickly Detect, Contain, and Extinguish Fires

Key Messages

  • Home fire sprinklers decrease the risk of dying in a home fire by 80% and reduce the average property loss by 71% per fire.
  • Home fire sprinklers do what no other technology can. Home fire sprinklers immediately respond to a fire while it is still small, controlling the spread of deadly heat, flames and toxic smoke - whether or not the home occupants have responded to the smoke alarm.
    • Home fire sprinklers are highly reliable devices that are activated by heat. They will only go off if there is a fire which increases the heat beyond the sprinkler trigger point. Only the sprinkler closest to the fire will activate, spraying water directly on the fire.
    • Ninety percent of fires are contained by the operation of just one sprinkler.
  • Home fire sprinklers add approximately 1% to 1.5% to the total cost of building construction.
  • Home fires can become deadly in as few as three minutes.
    • Home fire sprinklers, in conjunction with smoke alarms, offer the best protection against fire deaths and injuries.
  • A home fire sprinkler system is basically maintenance free. The only testing required on a regular basis is opening the drain/test valve to check the alarm operation. The rest of the system is designed to operate properly for 20 years or more without any maintenance.