Motorcycle Rider Education

The Importance of Rider Education

In 2015, one in four motorcycle riders involved in fatal crashes in the United States did not have a valid license at the time.1

The NYS Department of Motor Vehicles has established a motorcycle rider education program statewide. This program is designed to decrease the number of motorcycle-related injuries and fatalities and to increase safety on the roads for all New York State motorists.

This program is especially recommended for those trying to get a motorcycle operator's license. Upon completion of the Basic RiderCourse®, developed by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, students will receive a waiver for the traditional road test. The course must be taken at a NYS Department of Motor Vehicle-approved location.

The Basic RiderCourse®: Riding and Street Skills is a 15-hour course that includes a written and on-motorcycle skills test. You must pass both sections to qualify for the road test waiver. In addition, you must have a valid motorcycle learner's permit. To receive a learner's permit, you must first pass a written exam at a NYS Department of Motor Vehicle testing location.

Basic RiderCourse® Covers

  • Preparing to ride
  • Turning, shifting and braking
  • Street strategies
  • Special situations
  • Increasing riding skills
  • Motorcycle maintenance and insurance

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