Policy Memo 103

DOH-CACFP: Number 103 (04/05)

TO: All CACFP Sponsoring Organizations of Day Care Homes

FROM: Jeanne Culver, State Director - Child and Adult Care Food Program

SUBJECT: Requirement to Maintain a List of Food Stamp Eligible Providers

Purpose and Scope

The purpose of this memorandum is to inform CACFP Sponsoring Organizations of Day Care Homes about a new requirement to compile, and annually submit to CACFP, a list of day care home providers who are qualified for Tier 1 benefits on the basis of their participation in the Food Stamp Program (FSP). This requirement was issued in the 2nd interim federal regulations governing CACFP that was published on September 1, 2004. CACFP sponsoring organizations received a copy of the interim rule in conjunction with memorandum Number 101H (1/05), CACFP 2nd Interim Federal Regulations: Improving Management and Program Integrity.

Background Information

  1. Sponsors must compile a list of all providers who are qualified for Tier 1 benefits based on their participation in the FSP. Only those providers who qualify for Tier 1 reimbursement based upon their FSP participation are to be included on this list. These providers will have a Food Stamp benefit letter on file that was used to verify the provider's categorical eligibility for Tier 1.
  2. This list must include the provider's name, address, city, state and Zip Code
  3. Sponsors should not include these providers on the list of FSP-eligible providers:
    • Providers who are eligible for Tier 1 based upon school data or Census area eligibility;
    • Providers who complete an Income Eligibility Form (DOH-4161) in order to claim their own or resident children; or
    • Tier 2 Providers.
  4. Sponsors will be required to submit a list of FSP-eligible providers with their annual renewal application, beginning with their FFY 2006 renewal.
  5. CACFP will transmit this data to the NYS Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance, Food Stamp Program. This program will verify that the providers have reported required household income data and will confirm their eligibility for the Food Stamp Program.

Summary of Changes

The 2nd interim federal regulations governing CACFP require that sponsors compile a list of all FSP-eligible providers and submit that list to CACFP annually. CACFP will forward this list to the Food Stamp Program for a review of accuracy of the data. You may contact a CACFP Homes Unit Nutritionist at 1-800-942-3858, ext. 27104, if you have any questions pertaining to this requirement.