Protein (Lean Meats, Poultry, Fish, Beans, Eggs and Nuts)

Choose lean meats and poultry and vary your protein choices. Eat more fish. Try dry beans and peas -they are low in fat and have fiber. Eat only small amounts of unsalted nuts - they have good fat and can help you feel full.

Lean meat, poultry and fish are great sources of:

  • high-quality protein
  • iron, zinc and magnesium
  • vitamins E, B6, riboflavin, thiamin and niacin
  • omega-3 fatty acids - EPA and DHA (in fish)

Proteins provide energy and are the building blocks for bones, muscles, cartilage, skin, and blood. They are also needed for building enzymes and hormones.

Choose cooking methods that decrease or limit your fat intake like:

  • baking, broiling or grilling, and
  • taking the skin off poultry.

The current WIC food package for all women and children offers a choice of peanut butter or canned or dried beans, peas or lentils. Women who breastfeed their infants also receive a choice of canned light tuna, salmon or sardines. For more information on the WIC food package go to WIC Food Packages.

Handout on fish and mercury:

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