Together Growing Stronger Communities

WIC local agencies work with community agencies and leaders (religious, political, business, etc.) to promote and support healthy lifestyles for all. Partnerships to work together on community health issues can pool resources to provide more access to healthy foods, safe places to be active, good sidewalks and general safety concerns. The goal is to make the community a healthier place to live.

Here are some activities involving WIC local agencies and others in their communities:

  • Distribute free bicycle helmets
  • Refer participants for free infant car seats and installation
  • Recruit and train community members as volunteers
  • Become active in local community organizations
  • Promote local community organization activities at WIC
  • Work with the local library to get the message out to the community
  • Partner with community leaders and/or teachers/professors on grants

For Community Agencies Interested in Working with WIC

To learn more about how you can work with WIC, contact the NYS WIC Program at: