Prevention Agenda Toward the Healthiest State - Health Improvement Plan 2013-2018 Development

Meeting of the Public Health and Health Planning Council's
Ad Hoc Committee to Lead the State Health Improvement Plan

February 1st, 2012
11:30-4 pm
New York State Department of Health
90 Church Street, 4th Floor Conference Room, NY, NY
New York State Department of Health
Frear Building
1 Fulton Street, Saratoga Room, Troy, NY 12180

Agenda itemSpeakerTime
Sign In 11:30 AM
Welcome, Introductions and Working Lunch (20 min)Dr. Jo Ivey Boufford12:00 PM
Charge to Committee (10)Dr. Jo Ivey Boufford12:20 PM
Committee Process and Timetable (15)Dr. Boufford/S. Pirani12:30 PM
Prevention Agenda Summary and Progress to dateDr. Birkhead12:45 PM
Current Health Status, New York StateDr. Birkhead/Dr. Nguyen
Proposed PH Priorities based on Data; Criteria for SelectionDr. Birkhead1:45 PM
Process for Stakeholder and Public InputDr. Boufford2:45 PM
Process moving forward
  1. Naming the State Health Improvement Plan
  2. Future Meetings
 3:45 PM
Adjourn 4:00 PM