Washington County Department of Health and Hospital(s) Prevention Agenda 2013-2018 Priority Selection and Partners

Washington County Prevention Agenda 2013-2018 Tracking Indicator Dashboard

I. Local County Department of Health - Priorities, Partners, Goals and Interventions

Community Health Improvement Plan

Prevention Agenda Priorities:

Preventing Chronic Diseases: View the State Action Plan for this priority

  • Access to High-Quality Chronic Disease Preventive Care and Management in Clinical and Community Settings.
  • Reduce Obesity in Children and Adults.

Promote Mental Health and Prevent Substance Abuse: View the State Action Plan for this priority

  • Promote Mental, Emotional and Behavioral Well-Being in Communities.
  • Prevent Substance Abuse and other Mental Emotional Behavioral Disorders.


  • Local Health Department
  • Hospital
  • Community Health Centers
  • Schools
  • Faith-Based Organizations
  • Media Organizations
  • Housing Organizations
  • Mental/Behavioral Agencies/Organizations
  • Social Services
  • CBO-Youth Focused
  • Clinical or community based lifestyle change program
  • Clinical or community based lifestyle change Referral Agency
  • Local Coalition


  • Create community environments that promote and support healthy food and beverage choices and physical activity
  • Prevent childhood obesity through early child-care and schools
  • Expand the role of public and private employers in obesity prevention
  • Prevent initiation of tobacco use by New York youth and young adults, especially among low socioeconomic status (SES) populations
  • Promote tobacco use cessation, especially among low SES populations and those with poor mental health
  • Eliminate exposure to secondhand smoke
  • Prevent underage drinking, non-medical use of prescription pain relievers drugs by youth, and excessive alcohol consumption by adults
  • Prevent and reduce occurrence of mental, emotional and behavioral disorders among youth and adults
  • Prevent suicides among youth and adults
  • Reduce tobacco use among adults who report poor mental health
  • Support collaboration among leaders, professionals and community members working in MEB health promotion, substance abuse and other MEB disorders and chronic disease prevention, treatment and recovery


  • Increasing adoption and use of food standards
  • Implementing of Complete Streets policies, plans, and practices
  • Promoting smoking cessation among people with mental health disabilities through partnerships with the NYS Office of Mental Health
  • Adopting tobacco-free outdoor policies
  • Working with Glens Falls Hospital (GFH) in starting a Diabetes Prevention Program, Healthy Schools NY, "Creating Healthy Places to Live, Work and Play developing chronic disease messaging
  • Working with CCE in providing "Healthful Choices" in summer recreation programs
  • Working with GFH- Tobacco Cessation Program in Work Site Wellness, and Health Providers in better tobacco screening/intervention; and Southern Adirondack Tobacco Free Coalition in "strengthening policy and guidelines"
  • Work with WIC program to increase breastfeeding and promote healthy nutrition
  • Establish linkages with the OMH Early Recognition and Screening Initiative in the region
  • Promote smoking cessation among people with mental health disabilities through partnerships with the NYS Office of Mental Health
  • Promote healthy eating and physical activity in MH Group Living Centers and Jails; work with Council for Prevention Inc in offering MADD programs; "Yellow Ribbon-Suicide Prevention Programs:, and "Too Good for Drugs" Programs
  • Work with Hudson Falls School District to promote "Sources for Strength" suicide prevention program, enforce "Dignity to All Students Act", support implementation of Students against Destructive Decisions (SADD) program and Teen Awareness Group

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II. Hospitals - Priorities, Partners, Goals and Interventions

No local hospital located in this county.