Prevention Agenda - County Strategies and Partners Matrix - Cayuga County

Priority Area Collaborating Hospitals Collaborating Counties Specific Focus Area Strategies and/or Interventions Partners
Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies, and Healthy Children Auburn Memorial Hospital   Increase breastfeeding rates
  1. Collaborate with local agencies and hospitals to promote maternal and child health programs.
  2. Provide supports and educational resources available within the community for county residents.
  • Auburn Memorial Hospital
  • Reach Central New York
  • Local physicians
Physical Activity and Nutrition      
  1. Continue local Eat Well Play Hard Programs focusing on increasing consumption of fruits and vegetables by children and to increase physical activity among target group.
  2. Implement Healthy Communities Capacity Building Initiative to assess policy, practice and environment to promote better nutrition and increase physical activity by engaging a variety of community stakeholders.
Tobacco Use Auburn Memorial Hospital    
  1. Support and collaborate with regional tobacco programs to promote cessation, policy and practice changes to reduce second-hand smoke. This will include a collaborative effort with Auburn Memorial Hospital to educate maternity and public health nurses on tobacco cessation.
  2. Work with Cayuga County Community Health Network to support efforts applying for tobacco use prevention grant.
  3. Work with St. Joseph Hospital to request tobacco cessation counselor training.
  4. Train LHD and hospital staff on methods to assist pregnant women in reducing tobacco use.
  • St. Joseph's Hospital
  • Auburn Memorial Hospital