Prevention Agenda - County Strategies and Partners Matrix - Columbia County

Priority Area Collaborating Hospitals Collaborating Counties Specific Focus Area Strategies and/or Interventions Partners
Chronic Disease Columbia Memorial Hospital   Increased physical activity and fruit and vegetable consumption
  1. Complete the "Mobilizing for Action Through Planning and Partnership" (MAPP) process with local partners.
  2. Utilize media to promote physical activity and fruit and vegetable consumption.
  3. Consider a wellness center in a targeted ZIP code.
  4. Explore possibility of insurers covering fitness programs.
  5. Implement Healthy Restaurant Program to increase availability of low-fat, low-cost nutritious menu options.
  • WIC and local OB prividers
  • Columbia Alliance for Heart Health
  • Tobacco Free Coalition
Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies, and Healthy Children Columbia Memorial Hospital  
  1. Prenatal care
  2. Teen pregnancy
  3. Infant mortality
  4. Lead poisoning prevention
  1. Offer screening for lead poisoning.
  2. Conduct education to healthcare providers, community members and patients
  • Local OB/GYN groups
  • Columbia Opportunities
  • WIC
  • Migrant population
  • Social Services
  • Health Care Consortium’s Dental Project
Mental Health/Substance Abuse Columbia Memorial Hospital   Alcohol and drug use
  1. Conduct media campaign.
  2. Promote youth community involvement and development, and values clarification.
  3. Provide alcohol and drug use education and screening.
  • Suicide Task Force
  • Sherriff's Dept
  • Selected school districts
  • Cooperative Extension