Prevention Agenda - County Strategies and Partners Matrix - Otsego County

Priority Area Collaborating Hospitals Collaborating Counties Specific Focus Area Strategies and/or Interventions Partners
Access to Quality Health Care
  • Bassett Hospital
  • A.O. Fox Hospital
  1. Dental health
  2. General access to care
  1. Increase collaboration and interaction among agencies and organizations in Otsego County so everyone knows what services and programs are available to make necessary healthcare and prevention referrals.
  2. Plan for agencies to work together in times of crisis, with the LHD as the information center or a clearinghouse with a 800 number that residents could dial to obtain health information.
  3. Open more school-based clinics.
  4. Extend healthcare and dental clinic hours.
  5. Arrange for caregivers to make home visits.
  6. Offer vehicles to use for healthcare purposes, similar to the 'Wheels to Work' cars available through agencies like Opportunities for Otsego (OFO), and provide funding for repairs.
  7. Match bus schedules with work schedules and hospital schedules.
  8. Review socioeconomic status eligibility guidelines in the current economic climate.
  9. Provide combined services that are offered at health fairs in central locations.
  10. Distribute The Parent Handbook that is considered a key community resource.
  11. Continue dental health education through Rural Health Education Network of Delaware, Otsego, Montgomery and Schoharie Counties (RHENDOMS), which reaches out to parents.
  12. Expand the network by making schools aware that this fully funded program exists.
  13. Continue the school-based health center sealant program and educate parents about sealant and dental health.
  14. Reactivate the Otsego County Oral Health Coalition.
  15. Educate dental providers about Medicaid reimbursements in the county and give instruction about how to navigate the Medicaid system.
  16. Educate health care providers about what dental services are available on a referral basis.
  17. Educate the public about dental health and insurance options for dental health.
  18. Increase the public’s awareness of dental health services in the area.
  19. Utilize ongoing health fairs and various media outlets to disseminate educational materials about dental health to the public.
  20. Investigate loan forgiveness as a way to locate new dental health providers to area.
Mental Health/Substance Abuse
  • Bassett Hospital
  • A.O. Fox Hospital
  1. Involve primary care providers in mental health care.
  2. Conduct a public health campaign about the risk factors associated with binge drinking. Include information about prescription drugs.
  3. Provide a CME training for primary care physicians, surgeons, and mid-level practitioners about brief screenings and a referral process for substance abuse, mainly for alcohol, but the screening can be adapted for other substances such as prescription drugs. Invite area physicians and mid-level practitioners who practice outside of Fox and Bassett hospitals.
  4. Provide a list of resources and referral agencies to healthcare providers, including a list of user-friendly online links to The Parent Handybook, LEAF, OFO, CDC, the Otsego County Health Department, and other relevant sites.
  • Bassett Healthcare
  • A.O. Fox Hospital
  • LEAF
Physical Activity and Nutrition
  • Bassett Healthcare
  • A.O. Fox Hospital
  1. Provide early education about the importance of physical activity and nutrition throughout life including during pregnancy to prevent chronic diseases.
  2. Develop plan or protocol to coordinate follow-up and continuing care treatment between families, schools and primary care providers for treatment of childhood obesity.