Prevention Agenda - County Strategies and Partners Matrix - Putnam County

Priority Area Collaborating Hospitals Collaborating Counties Specific Focus Area Strategies and/or Interventions Partners
Access to Quality Health Care Putnam Hospital Center     Participate in the Access to Health Care Coalition to promote a federally funded health center in Putnam County. Westchester/Putnam Access to Health Care Coalition, including Putnam Hospital, ACS, County SS and others.
Chronic Disease Putnam Hospital Center    
  1. Collaborate with Putnam Hospital Center to promote awareness of signs and symptoms of stroke.
  2. Provide information on health risks of smoking and second-hand smoke at health fairs attended throughout the year.
  3. Participate as Steering Committee members in the POW’R Against Tobacco Coalition to provide media campaigns and PSAs.
  4. Promote smoking cessation resources to Putnam County residents including the NYS Quitline and cessation classes offered in Putnam County at all health fairs, clinics, through PSAs and other media outlets.
  5. Provide at least one PSA and one press release promoting healthy lifestyle choices to avoid the onset of chronic disease.
  6. Utilize NYSDOH’s Active 8 and Healthy Heart Program materials at all health fairs.
  7. Through the Putnam County Wellness Program, employees are offered a variety of strategies to adopt a healthy lifestyle including increasing consumption of fruits and vegetables, increasing physical activity, and maintaining a healthy weight in order to avoid onset of chronic diseases. Strategies include a walking program, nutrition lectures, exercise classes, weight reduction classes, and others.
  8. Encourage Putnam County residents to participate in the online Nutrition Quiz.
  • Putnam Hospital Center
  • POW’R Against Tobacco
  • American Cancer Society
  • WIC Program, Putnam County Wellness Program Committee
  • Carmel Central School District Wellness Committee
Community Preparedness Putnam Hospital Center    
  1. Revise the Public Health Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan to include topics such as hazard analysis, vulnerability assessment, at-risk populations, communications, mass dispensing, etc.
  2. Outfit and supply the identified Alternate Care Site, e.g., purchase equipment and hardware.
  3. Develop a Mass Fatality Plan to deal a large number of deaths.
Putnam County Bioterrorism/Disaster Preparedness Task Force:
  • Bureau of Emergency Services
  • Sheriff’s Department
  • County Executive’s Office
  • Department of Social Services and Mental Health
  • Putnam Hospital Center
  • American Red Cross
Mental Health/Substance Abuse Putnam Hospital Center    
  1. Putnam County Department of Health has been actively involved in two coalitions regarding mental health/substance abuse, particularly in the area of health education.
  2. Health education staff have participated in the development of media campaigns to promote awareness around the problems of binge drinking as well as over-the-counter drug abuse.
  3. Activities for 2009/2010 include:
    • Participate in the Communities that Care Coalition.
    • Contact media campaigns on the problems related to binge drinking and the abuse of over-the-counter drugs.
    • Participate in Putnam County Alcohol and Drug Task Force to promote dangers of binge drinking and awareness of host liability laws.
  • Communities that Care Coalition
  • Putnam County Alcohol and Drug Task Force