Prevention Agenda - County Strategies and Partners Matrix - Seneca County

Priority Area Collaborating Hospitals Collaborating Counties Specific Focus Area Strategies and/or Interventions Partners
Access to Quality Health Care
  • Geneva General Hospital
  • Finger Lakes Health
  1. Participate in the regional dental coalition of the seven county rural health network called the S2AY Rural Health Network.
  2. Partner with organizations having similar objectives to increase access to dental care for county residents including the NYS Oral Health Coalition and the 7th District Dental Society.
  3. Seneca County Health Department will encourage through an annual Dear Dentist Letter the need for local dentists to accept at least one patient covered by Medicaid and/or Child Health Plus and/or the need to provide preventive dental health care and/or treatment to uninsured/underinsured children and/families.
  4. Educate the general public on the benefits of accessing preventive dental health care.
  5. Educate children and parents on the importance of dental hygiene and the benefits of preventive dental health services.
  6. The Seneca County Health Department will work collaboratively with community partners (NYS Chiropractic College and Rushville Health Center) to develop a self-sustaining primary health care facility that offers dental health services and accepts Medicaid/CHP to be located in Southern Seneca County.
  • 7th District Dental Society
  • Seneca County Head Start (staff, children and families enrolled)
  • Rushville Health Center
  • Geneva Community Health
  • NYS Chiropractic College
  • Seneca County Head Start
  • WIC
Chronic Disease
  • Geneva General Hospital
  • Finger Lakes Health
    Reduce the number of people with heart disease by implementing best practice nutrition and physical activity initiatives in the schools, community and worksites, as well as through providers and hospitals.
  • S2AY Rural Health Network
  • Finger Lakes Health
  • Finger Lakes Health Systems Agency
  • MVP Healthcare
  • Excellus BlueCross BlueShield
  • Monroe Plan
  • Finger Lakes Health
Physical Activity and Nutrition
  • Geneva General Hospital
  • Finger Lakes Health
  • Schuyler
  • Steuben
  • Ontario
  • Wayne
  • Yates
  1. Seneca County Health Department will work with community partners, worksites and school wellness teams to identify and implement CDC recommended policy and environmental change strategies for obesity prevention. Strategies will include increasing the level of physical activity and number of fruits and vegetables consumed.
  2. Analyze CDC best practices and recommended strategies for obesity prevention.
  3. Develop local action plan(s) to address obesity prevention.
  4. Implement at least one CDC recommended strategy related to the prevention of obesity.
  5. Develop and support workplace wellness initiatives.
  6. Develop and implement countywide obesity prevention social marketing campaign.
  • United Way of Seneca County
  • Cornell Cooperative Extension
  • Seneca County Schools
  • Seneca County Worksites
  • S2AY Rural Health Network
  • Healthy Living Partnership Program
  • Finger Lakes Health System, Geneva General Hospital
  • Local medical providers
  • Seneca County municipalities
  • Community recreation centers