Prevention Agenda - County Strategies and Partners Matrix - Sullivan County

Priority Area Collaborating Hospitals Collaborating Counties Specific Focus Area Strategies and/or Interventions Partners
Access to Quality Health Care      
  1. Enhance access to primary care and medical specialty services for medically indigent and underserved Sullivan County communities through a subcontract with the local hospital for recruitment of primary care providers in the Western end of Sullivan County, a health professional shortage area.
  2. Provide translation phone services for indigent non-English speaking patients of the cancer screening program
  3. Review an assessment of the health insurance status of Sullivan County residents completed in 2007.
  4. Create a Health Equity Council to address the disparate health outcomes evident by differences in morbidity and mortality statistics by race and ethnicity.
  • Catskill Regional Medical Center
  • County Mental Health Department (“Community Services”)
  • County Youth Bureau
  • County Alcohol and Drug Abuse Council (“SCADAS”)
  • County Aging services
  • Sullivan County BOCES’ health professions program
  • DSS (locally called the “Department of Family Services”)
  • County antipoverty agency (“CACHE”)
  • Regional perinatal network (“Maternal Infant Services Network” or “MISN”)
  • PRASAD Children’s Dental Health Program
  • RN from the health unit of the sole local community college (Sullivan County Community College)
  • Family Empowerment Council
  • Orange-Sullivan Hospice
  • United Way
  • Hudson Valley HIV Care Network
  • Probation Department
  • Hudson River Health Care
Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies, and Healthy Children    
  1. Dental Health
  2. Unintentional injuries (child seats in vehicles)
  3. Immunizations
  1. Subcontract to PRASAD Children’s Dental Health Program for enhancement of access to dental health education and treatment services for Sullivan County's population of medically indigent children and pregnant women.
  2. Provide maternal peer support and education.
  3. The Healthy Families Program promotes healthy families and reduces the incidence of child abuse and other subsequent problems by using a strength-based curriculum.
  4. Bilingual outreach worker assists families with pregnant women and children to feel safe and utilize necessary preventive and primary health services.
  5. Enhance Sullivan County's youth and adolescent health status through a county wide obesity reduction education program.
  6. Implement a teen pregnancy program.
  7. School nurses throughout the county and school health teachers provide health and reproductive education classes and materials.
  8. The Center for Discovery serves children with special physical and educational needs.
  9. Collaborate with Teen Link of Planned Parenthood Mid-Hudson Valley.
  10. OB/GYN’s offer family planning and women’s health services.
  11. The Maternal Infant Services Network provides county wide preconception and prenatal classes to reduce poor maternal and child health outcomes through funding from the Rural Health Network of Sullivan County.
  • PRASAD Children’s Dental Health Program
  • WIC
  • Visiting Nurse Program
Mental Health/Substance Abuse      
  1. Reduce Sullivan County's high rates of adolescent alcohol and substance abuse by supporting several Communities That Care Coalition's Smoking education and cessation program.
  2. Provide nicotine replacement therapies.
  • Recovery Center
  • Sullivan County Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services (SCADAS) Program
  • Sullivan County Community Services
  • Rural Health Network