Director of Patient Services

Job Description

This is a professional supervisory nursing position involving responsibility for planning, organizing, directing, coordinating, and evaluating patient care services provided by the certified Home Health Agency or Long-Term Home Health Program through nursing and other staff employed directly or by contract. The work is performed under the general direction of the Local Public Health Director or Commissioner. A Director of Patient Services also does related work as required, including carrying out responsibilities relating to the public health nursing function of the Health Department.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: Graduation from high school or possession of an appropriate equivalency diploma recognized by the NYS Department of Education,

AND a Bachelor's degree in Nursing from an approved program, or from a non-approved program, supplemented by content which can be equated to an approved program,


  1. Two years of experience as a Supervising Community Health Nurse in a certified home health agency or long-term health care program, OR:
  2. Combination of education and experience.