Outreach Worker

An Outreach Worker conducts interviews, intakes and screenings of clients to discern needs and makes referrals to appropriate agencies or contact persons. They disseminate information on available programs and services, and perform various clerical duties. They assist supervisory staff and visit clients in their homes to assess their needs or identify potential problems. They also serve as advocates for clients and help to bring about desired or necessary corrective action, or will assist in locating necessary help from their community to ensure that a service is provided. They also will assist clients and their families in crisis situations, and makes necessary referrals.

Education required:

An Outreach Worker can have an associate's degree in human services, social services or a related field; or a high school diploma or GEC with two years of experience in interview techniques, community service coordination, recreation programs, community development, community health services, and social work, working placement, programs for the aged, veterans, families or youth or related fields.

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