Public Health Adviser

A Public Health Adviser is responsible for advisory and technical work involving all phases of public health communicable disease investigation. Typical work activities may include personally interviewing persons reported as infected with or exposed to communicable disease; participating in planning and estimating operational and administrative needs for carrying out blood testing and case finding programs or public education; advising on and/or installing systems of clinical records to permit the collection of data for statistical analysis, program evaluation, therapy evaluation, and medical research studies; and keeping informed of new techniques and their suitability for adaptation to local programs as to progress of communicable disease control programs with and outside the area of service.

Public health advisers may report to the Commissioner/Public Health Director or authorized designee, and may be given considerable leeway for the exercise of independent judgment in implementing the goals of the communicable disease program of the Health Department.

Education required

Public health advisers must have a Bachelor's degree, supplemented by at least 15 credits in Health, Natural or Behavioral Science (i.e. Biology, Psychology or Physiology) and one year experience working with the public which includes interviewing, instructing or providing information.