Public Health Information Officer

A Public Health Information Officer ensures that consistent information is provided on request and that all information releases are accurate, consistent and timely; writes and/or coordinates and reviews all relative information releases and serves as the single dissemination point for all agency information. The Officer also coordinates as necessary to ensure that affected publics receive accurate, consistent and timely information to allow them to make decisions to reduce their health risk.

Public Health Information officers usually report to the Commissioner/Public Health Director or authorized designee, are included in policy-level discussions and ensure that no information is released without verification and approval of the Commissioner or (as appropriate) other Executive-level staff. They develop and conduct media briefings to make public health information available, and monitor broadcast and print media and use information gleaned to produce follow up news releases, briefing papers, and correct misinformation. They may also provide health promotion services.

Education required:

Public health information officers may have a Master's degree in public health, journalism, nursing, or closely related field with four years of program management/administrative experience in a public health agency, hospital or health related program; or a bachelor's degree with six years experience.