Water Resource Specialist

Water Resource Specialists are responsible for the development of programs to protect water resources and the public's health. They are employed primarily at the county level in health and other county departments. Water Resource Specialists may focus in a certain area, such as regulating drinking water supplies or responding to water supply emergencies. Typical assignments include developing and implementing water quality monitoring plans, providing technical assistance to public and private water system owners, and providing hydrologic expertise to other county departments. They conduct public water supply inspections to determine compliance with the Public Health Law and the State Sanitary Codes. Water Resource Specialists often work closely with State Health staff to solve drinking water problems.


Minimum qualifications for the water resource specialist require a bachelor's degree in engineering, geology, hydrology or related field with at least 40 semester credit hours in hydrology, geoscience, chemistry, engineering or water resource courses. In addition, two years of related post baccalaureate experience as an engineer, hydrologist, or geologist is required.

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