Harriette Sochan, Dental Hygienist, Madison County Health Department

  • 30 years of service, Posthumous Award

Harriette Sochan

Harriette Sochan was employed by the Madison County Health Department for 30 years as a full time dental hygienist before her retirement in 1994. The "tooth fairy" as she was affectionately known, returned to county employment, until her death in November 2007. She provided dental health education, screening, and fluoride treatments in schools, and other settings within the county. Many times she was the first dental professional to examine a child's teeth. She assisted the poor and indigent to find scarce dental resources. She advocated for fluoridation of the public water systems in the county. Mrs. Sochan sat on various community groups including the Madison County Children's Camp, WIC, and the Oneida Planning Board. She was a public health leader and committed to her community.

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