Mark Schwartz, Director of Information Technology, Nassau County Health Department

  • 37 years of service

Mark Schwartz has been employed by the Nassau County Department of Health as a public health nurse, epidemiologist and is currently the Director of Information Technology. As an epidemiologist, Mr. Schwartz leads the after-hours medical team of the Department in its round-the-clock response to public health emergencies. He expanded his role to incorporate diverse activities such as bioterrorism (BT) and information technology. He developed a Point of Distribution design which was later recognized by an APHA meeting program award and is used in BT exercises and for distribution of the flu vaccine during severe shortage. Mr. Schwartz's contributions to the everyday workings of the Department are manifested through his aggressive pursuit of improvement, particularly in the area of information technology. His expertise in infectious diseases, prevention control measures and protection of confidentiality and the rights of the public provides an immeasurable service.

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