Mary Kimbrell, Communicable Disease/Health Educator, Lewis County Public Health

  • 18 years of service
Mary Kimbrell

Mary Kimbrell joined the Lewis County Public Health Department as a home care nurse in 1990 and has excelled at teaching her patients about disease management so they can be as independent as possible. In 2004, she transferred to the Preventive Health Team as the Communicable Disease Health Education Nurse, and has been instrumental in helping the agency develop a wellness policy. She is extremely thorough in communicable disease investigation, and is respectful of client needs and concerns. Her commitment to improving the local community's health is demonstrated by her active participation in community wellness committees, her implementation of new smoking cessation programs and implementing the new Employee Health Program offered to community businesses. After attending the Evidenced Based Public Health Practice Workshop she applied what she learned to ensure that the education provided is tested and proven to achieve the agency's objectives.

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