Mary Margaret Stallone, Director of Preventative Services, Livingston County Health Department

  • 25 years of service

Mary Margaret Stallone

Mary Margaret Stallone, RN, CPNP, joined Livingston County Health Department in 1973 as a Public Health Nurse, and in 1992 assumed the Director of Patient Services position. In 1997 the Department created a Center for Patient Services (CHHA and Hospice) and Center for Preventive Services (public health); Mrs. Stallone assumed responsibility as Director of Preventive Services. Due to her strong leadership and dedication, the center has grown from clinic services and maternal and child health visits, to include a broad array of public health activities: WIC, Reproductive Health, Article 6 Programs, Health Education, TASA, Emergency Preparedness, Early Intervention, and Facilitated Enrollment.

Mrs. Stallone sees the broad picture of public health, addressing local issues and concerns, including school Violence Prevention Programs and childhood obesity. Her focus has always been on the health of the community, seeking grants for diabetes outreach and education, high-risk maternal and child health home visiting programs, and asthma. She works closely with community groups to achieve an improved health status for Livingston County residents.