Nanci Jarvis, Supervising Public Health Nurse, Clinton County Health Department

  • 17 years of service

Nanci Jarvis

Nanci Jarvis started at the Clinton County Health department in 1991 as a public health nurse working with developmentally delayed children through the Infant/Child Assessment Program. In 1998 she became WIC Coordinator utilizing her bachelor's degree in nursing and her second bachelor's degree in Nutrition - Dietetics. Using leadership and team building skills, Ms. Jarvis effectively guided her staff though the WIC computerization system implementation; an application that forever changed operations. In 2001 she became a Supervising Public Health Nurse responsible for overseeing the Maternal and Child Health programs. Ms. Jarvis serves on the Child Care Coordinating Council, and is a member of the Ready, Set, Grow workgroup, which is a children's mental health community group. While working with these groups, she uses her community assessment and leadership skills to help achieve better health outcomes for mothers and children in the community. In 2007 she received a North East Public Health Leadership Institute (NEPHLI) scholarship to develop a leadership program for the Department to foster the growth of future public health leaders.