Communicable Disease Team, Schenectady County Public Health Services

Communicable Disease Team

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  • Mary Moran-Raymond
  • Margaret Rogers-Meagher
  • Mary Ann Fiminski


  • Kathy Sen

All four members of the Schenectady County Public Health Services Communicable Disease Team is a veteran Public Health Nurse, with a combined 70 years of public health experience. As a relatively small department of only thirteen nurses in the Prevention Unit all the nurses have had to adapt and have multiple responsibilities in a variety of programs. These four nurses respond to any task presented with willingness and a "can do" attitude that is testimony to their professionalism, flexibility, attention to detail, and public health ethos.

Kathy Sen, Nursing Supervisor, has more than 20 years experience and has a working knowledge of nearly all services provided by the county health department. She provides expert consultation to the County Jail, and onsite guidance to Montgomery County's Nursing Services. Ms. Sen has supervised the Lead Poisoning Prevention and Immunization Programs, and is currently assisting to coordinate the county's Bioterrorism Preparedness activities.

Margaret Rogers-Meager has extensive experience in both public and home health care. She has multiple responsibilities for staff and community education, senior health education, child care health consultation for policy and procedure development, as well as coordination of the flu vaccination and STD/HIV clinics.

Mary Ann Fiminiski has been the primary contact for assisting State efforts in refining the CDESS. She has brought an array of home care experiences to the team; she is the agency's IV and infection control in-house specialist.

Mary Moran-Raymond is responsible for coordinating the Immunization Action and Tuberculosis programs. She provided education to health care practitioners, community partners, and the public.

The team has an excellent reputation in the community among physicians, health facilities and community organizations. Other counties seek peer-to-peer guidance from the team for its expertise in communicable disease issues.

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