Delta Super Users Team, Schoharie County Department of Health

Delta Super Users

Left to Right: Jennifer Tsamis, Michele Roach, John Driessen

In 2008, the Schoharie County Department of Health implemented a new clinical and financial software system for the Community Home Health Agency (CHHA) and public health nursing. John Driessen, Michele Roach and Jennifer Tsamis became "super users" of the new software. Michele wrote all of the care plans for the new system and issues regular news bulletins that inform staff of changes and new opportunities in the system. John carried his laptop and cell phone with him at all times for months; ready to take calls or sit down with any nurse who needed help. He trained clinicians even while on vacation. As system administrator, Jennifer has the power to set up all phases of the system and is the one person who understands how it works. She is the financial expert and has become a clinical expert as well, by helping both clinical and support staff with questions about the system. Their dedication, caring and teaching is reflected in the work that they do.

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