Dennis Rey, Public Health Sanitarian Niagara County Health Department of Health

Dennis Rey

  • 30 years of service

Starting in 1979, Dennis Rey has served the Niagara County Health Department in an environmental health capacity for the past 30 years. As a Public Health Sanitarian, Mr. Rey works with several environmental programs, holds several state and national certifications and works closely with the Nursing Division on the Childhood Learn Poisoning Prevention Program.

Mr. Rey worked diligently with other county health departments and the New York State Department of Health on addressing the multitude of public health issues surrounding tattoo-related infections and crafting workable regulations for tattoo and body piercing. As a result of his efforts, Niagara County has adopted Tattoo Establishment/Body Piercing Establishment Code for Niagara County.

This code regulates tattoo and body piercing artists and their establishments in Niagara County, educates and certifies artists, and provides much needed protection to the health of those receiving tattoos or body piercings. With Mr. Rey's help, our website lists the certified establishments, with a copy of the inspection which may be viewed by the general public. Largely due to Mr. Rey's efforts in working together with, and subsequently educating, the tattoo and body piercing artists in the community, we nurtured an excellent working relationship with those in the industry.

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