Evan Walsh, Associate Public Health Sanitarian, Oswego County Health Department

Evan Walsh

  • 33 years of service

Evan Walsh is an Associate Public Health Sanitarian who has been with the Department for 33 years. He supervises many environmental health programs including: the Vector Program dealing with arthropod-borne disease; the Rabies Program including pet vaccination clinics and oral rabies vaccination for wild animals; the environmental component of Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention and the Hazardous Waste Site Program. He and his staff handle Public Health Nuisance complaints concerning garbage, failing septic systems, etc. and he oversees the County's two landfill water quality monitoring programs.

He was instrumental in developing the County's Hazardous Materials Incident Response, Radiological Emergency Response and Bioterrorism Preparedness, and responds to incidents in the field. He played a lead role in setting up the Environmental Division's 24/7 on-call service for off hours contact from the public.

In 2008 Evan fulfilled the duties of Acting Public Health Director during the search for a new Public Health Director.

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