Jennifer Hamilton, Public Health Educator, Cortland County Health Department

Jennifer Hamilton

  • 8 years of service

Jennifer Hamilton has been a Public Health Educator with the Cortland County Health Department since 2001. During that time, she has developed many public health education programs and has been instrumental in health policy development and implementation in the area of tobacco use prevention. Her community education has resulted in an increase in smoke free outdoor areas, vehicles, and residences in Cortland County and a reduction in advertising/sponsoring by tobacco companies at local events and facilities. She aggressively promotes tobacco cessation among youth, adults, and pregnant women and speaks to local students on how the tobacco industry targets young people using deceptive marketing practices. Furthermore, she dedicates time and effort in mentoring health students from our local SUNY.

Ms. Hamilton's extensive public health expertise, combined with her intimate knowledge of the community she serves and her collaborative approach to intervention positively impacts the health of our county residents.

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