Long-Term Home Health Care Program (LTHHCP) Team, Jefferson County Public Health Service

Long-Term Home Health Care Program (LTHHCP) Team

Standing (Left to Right)

  • Elizabeth L. Mason
  • Patricia A. Wilkinson
  • Tina Siembida
  • Melody M. Ramsey
  • Nancy S. Dingman

Seated (Left to Right)

  • Linda M. Baty
  • Christy L. Clark


  • Gay R. Keogh

The Jefferson County Public Health Service Long Term Home Health Care Program (LTHHCP) Team provides medical and support services designed to maintain a patient at home. As the elderly population increases, the program continues to grow, and remains a cost effective alternative to nursing home placement. The Team, led by Elizabeth L. Mason, demonstrates unstinting motivation, enthusiasm, and professionalism to holistically meet the care needs of their patients.

The program has approved capacity to serve 150 patients with 13 disciplines of care and 5 waivered services, with a current daily caseload averaging 114 patients. In 2008, the LTHHCP provided about 4,300 nursing visits, a combination of 720 PT, OT, RD, and MSW visits, and over 35,900 paraprofessional visits for a total of 40,941 visits to patients in their homes.

The Team also works tirelessly to raise funds to support the Alzheimer's Association, holding book sales, bake sales, jewelry raffles, and selling soup or chili on Public Health Service staff meeting days. Last year, the Team's efforts raised $1,600 to support one Alzheimer's Association scholarship that a patient's caregiver can use to cover unreimbursed respite or social day care costs. They also schedule monthly social engagements outside of the workday to celebrate birthdays, or just celebrate. All of these efforts have strengthened the LTHHCP Team's functionality and cohesiveness.

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