Community Nursing Care Team, Wayne County Public Health Service

Community Nursing Care Team

Front (left to right)

  • Christine Gedney
  • Telena Brown
  • Marilyn Powley

Back (left to right)

  • Bonnie Bloomer
  • Dian Schultz
  • Patty Chapin
  • Pam Taylor
  • Denise Delpapa
  • Patricia Battle

Not in photo

  • Gary Moore
  • Tina Peters
  • Dawn Hetzke
  • Deborah Herold

Since 1965, Wayne Community Nursing Care has provided the community with certified home health care services. With the increased needs of residents due to trying economic times, the team continues to endeavor to provide comprehensive nursing care to home care patients. They collaborate with other programs, such as the Tuberculosis or Migrant program and with other agencies like the Department of Social Services, Red Cross and Office of the Aging. One challenge the team faces is in matching the county's low social economic status population with services that can be provided.

This caring group of professionals is always willing to go above and beyond to meet the health care needs of the county residents. They coordinate flu and immunization clinics, provide staff training and participate in drills for Bioterrorism and Emergency Preparedness. One exercise they practice is in setting up decontamination sites if an incident were to occur at the local Ginna Nuclear Power Plant.

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