Sheila Warren, Director of Intervention Services, Orange County Health Department

Sheila Warren

  • 16 years of service

Sheila Warren is both a nurse and a teacher, having received her Bachelor's degree in professional nursing from Seton Hall forty-seven years ago, followed by a Masters in Education/Maternal Child Health Nursing from Columbia University. Ms. Warren has been Director of Intervention Services since its inception and continues to cope with the challenges of continual growth in the seven programs she oversees.

Within Intervention Services, the bulk of her focus is on the Early Intervention and Preschool Special Education programs, but she cannot neglect other crucial programs relating to child and family health, including Newborn Screening, Newborn Hearing Screening, ICHAP/CHILD FIND, PHCP, and Children With Special Healthcare Needs programs. Ms. Warren and her staff are continually faced with trying to coordinate specialty care, maximizing services, and providing information about programs and resources appropriate for children and families, all while working with limited resources. "Trying to keep all the balls in the air," is how she describes each day's effort to meet the needs of children and families with appropriate services.

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