Albany County Department of Health

Albany County Department of Health

Photo (Back Row)

Rick Reed, Mary Ellen Regal, Sue Evers, Meg Maney, Debra Wood, Leslie Post, Jeannine Carney, Holly Oropallo, Teri Decker, Melanie Dolan, Vanessa Pipkins

4th Row

Charles Welge, Cynthia Arabski, Suzanne Morlock, Eva Graziano, Peyton Harrison, Audrey Baird, Teri Arico, Ann Berhaupt, Lynn Shelffo, Patricia Preston, Christine Graham, Lori Smith, Lucretia LaLonde

3rd Row

Anna Scavo, Lena Gibson, Christiane Myhre, Jeanne Perras, Marcia Fabiano, Kathy DeThomasis, Patricia Sportman, Barbara Ritz, Kilynn Erwin

2nd Row

Sue O'Rourke, Honorata Momot, Mary Beth Maloy, Jill Dunkel, Jennifer Cason, Susan Riedy, Joanne Wolfe, Laurie Byerwalters, Ann Mahoney, Cindy Bulger, Anna Momot, William Ryan, Chet Chmielewski, Ryan Ratigan, Michael Walker, Damian Jones, David Diligent, Ronald Groves

1st Row

James Crucetti, Lorraine Sheffer, Sharlene Ryan, Mary Brummagyn, Carol Palmer, Margaret Kruegler, Lorena McGuiness, Maribeth Miller, Deanna Lamb, Teri Scipione, Lisa McGivern, Melissa Gage, Thomas Brady, Marianne Stone, Timothy Burke, Ernest VanWormer, Maureen Casale, Jody Coyne, Nikki Miller, Margaret Kehn, Susan Latham, Marcia Lenehan

Dr James B. Crucetti, MD, MPH became the Deputy Commissioner in July of 1989, and has been the Commissioner of the Albany County Department of Health since 1992. In response to the global H1N1 pandemic, his staff worked tirelessly to plan, coordinate, and implement a county-wide pandemic mitigation and H1N1 vaccination campaign. Employees who weren't directly involved in the H1N1 pandemic response helped the department to maintain the delivery of essential public health services while many of their coworkers assisted with pandemic response activities. Many dedicated employees worked longer days throughout the fall and winter. The ongoing efforts of all employees provided county residents with important information about prevention of influenza and enabled over 10,000 residents to receive the H1N1 vaccine from 60 community clinics run by the department. It is through this unprecedented collective effort that Albany County was able to deliver a successful H1N1 vaccination campaign while assuring that other vital public health services were maintained. 

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