Carol Keegan, Clinic Coordinator, Cortland County Health Department

Carol Keegan

  • 25+ years of service

Carol Keegan began as a Public Health Nurse with the Cortland County Health Department in December 1984. She became the Clinic Coordinator for the Health Department's Jacobus Center for Reproductive Health in 1985, supervising clinic staff in providing family planning and STD services to the women, men and teens in our community. Through her leadership and policy development, Carol promotes access to high quality professional and nonjudgmental services.

Carol works with the community providing in-service training for groups such as probation staff, jail staff and the hospital maternity staff. She participates in Health Department emergency preparedness events. Carol also performs RN duties and is able to fill in other positions as needed.

Carol is an integral part of a team and process that involves identifying problems, collecting and analyzing data, and identifying ideas for improvements and evaluating the outcome. Carol's leadership and efforts help to successfully improve clinic efficiency and increase patient numbers served in Cortland County.

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