John Ricci, Senior Public Health Educator, Monroe County Department of Health

John Ricci

  • 25 years of service

John Ricci, Senior Public Health Educator of the Monroe County Department of Public Health has faithfully served the community since his hire in 1984. During his tenure he has played an integral role in improving community health. For more than two decades he has worked to reduce rates of smoking among residents through various programs and interventions including the Smoking Health Action Coalition, the Tobacco Lies Campaign, and In the 1980's he worked to pass Monroe County's smoking ban in restaurants and workplaces, one of the first such laws to be passed in the US.

As Senior Public Health Educator, Mr. Ricci is responsible for communicating important health information to the community through the media. During any given week, he researches and answers media questions about H1N1, lead poisoning, water pollution, environmental containments, wind chill and chronic diseases. John's skills allow him to take complicated health information and explain it in a way that is easily understood by the general public.

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