Catherine Bullwinkle, Quality Improvement Coordinator, Oneida County Health Department

Catherine Bullwinkle

  • 6 years of service

As the Quality Improvement Coordinator for the Oneida County Health Department, Cathe Bullwinkle has emerged as the driving force behind Oneida County's Primary Lead Prevention Program. Her expertise and inexhaustible energy focused on eliminating the threat of childhood lead poisoning and her passion for protecting children has led to her development and implementation of lead abatement and lead poisoning programs that have become the models for counties throughout the state. She has secured millions of dollars in state and federal funds for lead testing and contractor training in lead safe work practices.

Cathe has also been integral in developing and coordinating Oneida County's response to the 2009 H1N1 pandemic. She designed a series of information seminars for the parents of school-aged children and conducted these sessions at each of the county's schools in addition to the school mass vaccination program.

On matters involving children's health, Cathe will not be denied; nor should she be denied the recognition she deserves for her unparalleled contributions to the quality of life of this community.

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