Public Health Educators, Oswego County Health Department

Public Health Educators, Oswego County Health Department

Left to Right

  • Eliza St. Onge, Diane Oldenburg, Angela Cimilluca

The Preventive Public Health Educator team at the Oswego County Health Department played a pivotal role in implementing the Pandemic Influenza Response plan.

Diane Oldenburg, Public Health Educator, has been with the department for almost 20 years. When the 2009 H1N1 influenza virus first appeared, Diane took the lead in implementing and monitoring disease surveillance and early event detection systems.

Eliza St.Onge, an educator acting in the role of Public Health Emergency Preparedness Coordinator, planned and implemented all of the H1N1 Points of Dispensing (PODs). She assisted in organizing and training staff and volunteers to work the PODs and was responsible for logistics and resource allocation. Eliza also maintained the Clinic Data Management System (CDMS) and helped to ensure School Vaccination Campaigns occurred in each school district.

Angela Cimilluca, collected, tracked, analyzed, and disseminated information for the benefit of the whole team, and worked with media outlets. She also developed a Health Department Facebook page.

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