Sarah Tice, Public Health Nurse, Schenectady County Public Health Services

Sarah Tice

  • 2 1/2 years of service

Sarah Tice is a Public Health Nurse specializing in Maternal and Child Health who has served Schenectady County residents since 2007. She consistently demonstrates excellent intervention skills and teaching abilities with her patients.

Sarah identified a potentially life-threatening medication overdose involving a one month old infant. This child was discharged with gastric tube feeds after a lengthy hospital admission. During the home visit Sarah realized that the mother had given the infant 45 cc of Phenobarbital instead of the ordered dose of 4.25 ml (10 times the ordered dose). An immediate assessment was performed and EMS was called. The infant was promptly transferred to the emergency department.

The infant survived because of the timely interventions performed by Sarah Tice. Her continued commitment to educating our patients has made a significant difference to not only this family, but also to many others in our community.

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