Richard (Rick) Ewald, Senior Public Health Sanitarian, Tompkins County Health Department

Richard Ewald

  • 31 years of service

During his 31 year career as a Senior Public Health Sanitarian, Rick Ewald has shared his expertise with the community through a variety of Environmental Health programs. Rick has decades of experience regulating on-site sewage treatment systems and building relationships with his staff, customers, and contractors. Rick's commitment to fast, efficient customer service and quick permit turn around is appreciated by homeowners and contractors alike, as is his ability to identify options for complying with regulatory requirements while minimizing costs to homeowners.

Rick has also utilized his Environmental Health experience in the food program to train and standardize staff. He has launched the West Nile Virus and the Neighborhood Notification Programs in Tompkins County and served as a member of the Tompkins County Safe Medication Coalition.

Rick's educational approach and compassionate, yet firm, enforcement of regulations is the foundation of Tompkins County's respected on-site sewage treatment program. Rick is a valuable team player and role model for many in the Environmental Health field.

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