Audrey Waltner, MPH., Biostatistician, Dutchess County Department of Health

Audrey Waltner

  • 7 years of service

Audrey Waltner is instrumental in improving the efficiency and usability of information and data collection in many public health programs. She specializes in community health assessments, survey development, vital statistics analysis and database systems development. At the Dutchess County Department of Health, all divisions have benefited from her expertise and dedication.

Audrey's contribution includes assisting with the data collection and reporting for the lead program, the Department's equipment inventory, multiple communication databases and the STI program. Her expertise in database development made it possible to modernize and streamline the STI reporting process for CDC staff and succeed in developing a system that has met the high standards of the New York State Department of Health.

Audrey also provides data and analysis to other county departments and community partners. She has led survey development for the "Dutchess County Integrated County Assessment Community Health Survey" and directed and compiled the data report "Health and Well Being of Children, Families and Adults in Dutchess County."

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