Ann Berhaupt, Confidential Secretary, Albany County Health Department

Ann Berhaupt

  • 30 years of service

Ann Berhaupt has provided outstanding administrative and clerical support for the Albany County Department of Health for over 30 years. In 2006, she accepted the position of Confidential Secretary, providing support and assistance to both the Office of Commissioner and the Nursing Division. Throughout her time with the Department, Ann's unwavering dedication to her job and performance of duties has been exemplary.

Ann's co-workers describe her as a great team member, unfailingly pleasant and professional, and as the go-to person in the Nursing Division for administrative assistance. She is recognized as extremely knowledgeable about the many aspects of the Health Department, and as having the ability to do the kind of background work that is critical to keeping the department running. We believe that Ann exemplifies the attitude, dedication and work ethic needed in public health and that she deserves to be on the Public Health Works! Honor Roll.

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