Michael Simkins, MLT (ASCP), CLCP (NCA), Laboratory Response Network Coordinator, Erie County Department of Health

Michael Simkins

  • 12 years of service

Michael R. Simkins, MLT (ASCP), CLCP (NCA) has served as the Laboratory Response Network (LRN) Coordinator for Erie County Public Health Laboratories (ECPHL) since 2003. As LRN Coordinator, Mr. Simkins has acted as liaison between the LRN Reference Lab at ECPHL and the 50+ sentinel laboratories in the Western and Finger Lakes Regions. As a trained clinical microbiologist, his role as liaison has included providing laboratory and public health professionals with technical training for proper Packaging & Shipping of hazardous and infectious materials, serving on local, state, and federal committees for the establishment of best practices for proper field collection of samples for biothreat analysis, and serving as a technical resource for diagnostic laboratory topics. Mr. Simkins has led a tireless effort to support community-wide collaboration for the assessment of hazardous materials and public health threats. His relationships with local, state and federal law enforcement, public health, and clinical care have proven integral to safeguarding the public from various threats and hazards.

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