Cathy Start, Health Educator, Greene County Public Health Nursing Service

Cathy Start

  • 14 years of service

Cathy Start has been the full time Health Educator at Greene County Family Planning for the past 14 years. When she first came to Family Planning, our Health Education program was only active in a few of the schools in Greene County. In 2011, Cathy has reached over 1,176 students through a series of 5-7 lessons in 5 of the 6 High Schools in Greene County. She also provided community based programs to 456 participants.

Cathy is highly regarded among the school communities she has worked in and receives very favorable feedback. Her dedication and enthusiasm for her job have helped grow our Family Planning program and, although there are many factors related to teen pregnancy, the teen pregnancy rates have decreased by half during her time as our educator.

*In 1997 the teen pregnancy rate for Greene County for teens aged 15-17 was 33/1000 and it fell to 14.6/1000 for 2007-2009. (Ages 15-17, Vital Statistics of NYSDOH)

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