Communicable Disease Team, Cortland County Health Department

Communicable Disease Team

Pictured from left to right:

  • Suzanne Osterhoudt; Karen Felker-Harrity

Suzanne Osterhoudt has worked as a Public Health Nurse at the Cortland County Health Department since 2000. Her responsibilities include a variety of public health programs including lead, immunization and communicable disease. A vital member of the emergency preparedness team, Suzanne often takes the lead in planning and implementing special clinics and POD activities. Karen Felker- Harrity is a relative new-comer to public health, joining the communicable disease team in 2011. An experienced nurse, Karen quickly developed a knack for public health! Together, these nurses display a tenacious and thorough approach to communicable disease epidemiology. Experience and knowledge of their community led to early identification of an unusual increase in cases of Hepatitis C. Their attention to detail and dedicated, cooperative actions with the State Department of health and local partners are just a few examples of the public health commitment Suzanne and Karen display every day.

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